About Us

We are a food start-up consisting of a small team of food enthusiasts operating from our professional kitchen in the Randstad. We found inspiration for our company by wanting to solve the problem we have often experienced ourselves, which boils down to the following: I’m too tired to cook, but I don’t want to feel guilty having to order snacks and unhealthy, greasy stuff. Not again…

How often do you arrive home tired after work and just let yourself sink into the couch to ease the stress of the work day? After appreciating the softness of your favourite furniture and getting comfy… hunger hits! What are you going to eat? The day took too much of your energy and you already know how this situation usually ends: your hand slides to your smart phone and you open your favourite food delivery app. Pizza or hamburger with fries today? There are rarely any healthy alternatives – none that sound tasty at least. You swallow your feeling of guilt for snacking yet again and place your order. It might not be the healthiest dish you’ll eat, in fact far from it, but you’ll be freed from the burden of cooking. Now only to wait an hour for the food to arrive…

You might be leading the life of a bachelor, maybe you live with your partner, or perhaps you even have kids to feed. Irrespective of your household composition, you live a fast and busy life. You work hard and you deserve some comfort and ease, but you don’t want to keep trading your health for comfort. We are going to help you solve this unfair trade-off.

Our mission is to bring the comfort of not having to cook without having to resort to unhealthy fast food, by offering our healthy and super tasty ready-to-eat vegan food subscription. You tell us which of our wonderful dishes you would like to receive on which days of the week and at what time. Just select a fixed day and time in the week. Thursdays at seven o’clock or perhaps going meatless on the Mondays with the family? Before you know it, the doorbell rings and the delivery boy is there with your fresh and healthy cooked food, just as you planned!

Easy, tasty and healthy.

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